MASP Statistics April 2015

About 600 clients have been helped by the Partnership since it started in July 2013

900 places in training sessions run by the partnership have been taken up by partner front-line workers.

Age UK Maidstone find that Benefits entitlements is one of their chief topics.

Blackthorn Trust helped 128 people in 2014

CROP supported 847 older residents in the Borough in 2014

Fusion Centre Café, (Park Wood), cater for 1100 people every month

Golding Homes report their most common Housing problem was rent arrears

Kenward Trust, engaged with 5,200 people about substance misuse in 2014

Maidstone CAB report that:-

  • The most frequently referred queries are about Benefits entitlement, and this was also the biggest issue for AgeUK Maidstone 
  • The most common individual benefit causing problems was Employment and Support Allowance.  
  • Specialist debt advisers tackled a total £7,800,000 pounds worth of personal debt between April and December 2014, and £334,319 pounds of it were written off.
  • The most common Employment problem was Employers not paying wages for work done. 

Maidstone Carers have found that 60% of carers suffer depression as a direct result of their caring role

Maidstone Day Centre helps 30-39 people daily

Maidstone Mediation worked with 1,045 people in 2014

Maidstone MIND provide community activities and other sessions for 120 people in a typical week

Porchlight supported 67 rough sleepers in the Borough in 2014